Peñalara Software

We help educational institutions to manage their timetables

Our mission is to help schools to facilitate the preparation and management of timetables. The effort, respect and passion for teaching and education, make us persevere to ensure that the time spent by the teaching staff in the preparation of timetables is the minimum possible.
In this way, they can devote themselves to what is really important: teaching.

Academic schedules are a key component of the day-to-day of all the people who are part of the educational institution. We offer services for the preparation of timetables through quality software, able to effectively find the best results, even in the most complicated cases. We integrate with other applications, and we also offer a service for the day-to-day management of schedules on the calendar.

Who are we

Peñalara Software is an ICT company dedicated to providing services to the education sector.


We are pioneers in the development of intelligent algorithms that have transformed the academic timetable management model.


We have been supporting thousands of educational institutions around the world for more than 25 years.


We offer services to create timetables in public and private schools all over the world. We are currently leaders in Spain and are constantly growing in other countries.

Application integration

We have open interfaces for the exchange of configured data and resolved timetables with any external application.


We provide service through innovative solutions using digital technology, which we are pioneers in applying to educational management.


We integrate with numerous academic management programs, both public and private. We are open to the development of new integration processes, through collaboration or association, to offer the best and most complete service to all those users that we may have in common.

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