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C/ Fonseca, 29

37002 Salamanca

Some data

Education levels: Pres-School, Elementary, Secondary and High Education
Groups: 36
Teachers: 67
Students: 985
Buildings: 1
Classrooms: 55


Peñalara-GHC, essential tool to make the timetables of the centre.


Before buying GHC, the timetables were practically made by hand or with the help of small integrated programmes in management platforms of the centre that no longer exist.

In any case, it was a tedious, difficult and incomplete work. This is the reason why we had to make the timetables by hand.

The way in which GHC solved our problematic was actually a coincidence. We received a DEMO version that immediately solved a difficulty in relation to the support sessions, something that is very useful in our centre.

The centre has been working for more than 30 years at all levels from the cooperative learning and in groups during the whole day. In that sense, the support sessions are taught in the same classroom with the teacher, students do not go outside of the classroom in any case.

The programme allowed to solve this necessity of the centre properly. Something that has become more complex today. Without the aid of the programme this would be impossible.

The software is excellent in terms of image and use. It is intuitive and easy to apply. We are sure that we do not use the 100% of the software and we think that the company could provide training courses in order to take out the maximum efficiency.

In respect of customer service, we think that it is good and precise.

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