GHC - What is it?

The Timetable Generator for Educational Institutions is a tool to optimally manage teaching timetables.

Developing the best-fitting schedules is often more difficult than it may seem. It is not just about placing all the teaching sessions. A schedule must take pedagogical criteria into account, optimize the use of the classrooms, observe needs and limitations, and, if possible, all personal preferences from the different stakeholders.


The GHC program is structured into three clearly differentiated components


You can import data from other applications and efficiently organize complex schedules in a visual way. It allows you to establish strict and flexible conditions to find the best solution based on your own criteria. If there are solutions that fit all requirements and preferences, they will be found in a short period of time. If you have included requirements or preferences that are impossible to satisfy, the validation and analysis processes will help you identify which ones.



Once the engine finds complete results, GHC Optimum will automatically search for an optimal compromise, the most equitable and favorable according to the criteria that you have established. This will allow you to obtain the most compact schedules for the teachers and get the result to fit as much as possible everything you are looking for.



The GHC editor is a powerful tool that will allow you to submit and modify schedules. You will be able to enter meetings, on-call periods, and other ancillary activities for the teaching staff. You can also adjust, modify or move the sessions of the schedule by dragging and dropping. Finally, you can share the timetables in different formats to other applications.

The planner configures the elements and conditions:

  • You can set different timetables:
    • Overlapping in the same week.
    • For different terms/semesters, etc.
  • Allows you to load or create lists of overriding elements:
    • Teaching subjects.
    • Student groups.
    • Teachers.
    • Classrooms.
    • Courses and your academic plan.
  • You can set up the following elements:
    • Teaching sessions.
    • On-call periods.
    • Meetings.
    • Other teacher activities.
  • Define strict and preferential conditions:
    • Teacher availability.
    • Preferences for the use of classrooms.
    • Options and relationships between teaching sessions (electives, etc).
    • Optimization criteria.
GHC Planner
GHC Engine

The engine is the core of GHC. You can find the optimal timetable that follows all needs and preferences entered in the planner.

  • It is particularly useful when it is hard find a workable and optimal solution for your school.
  • It offers an extraordinary ability to find solutions surprisingly quickly, if they exist.
  • You can avoid overlaps of student groups, teachers and classrooms.
  • The GHC Optimum engine seeks the optimal solution for your preferences and criteria and balanced for all members.
  • The analyzer will help you identify those unsatisfiable conditions, if any, so that you can tailor them to a possible solution.

The editor will allow you to modify the results, present them and transfer them.

  • It allows you to view the schedules that the engine offers you.
  • The editor allows you to visualize the created timetables for students, teachers, classrooms, by departments, on-call or meeting schedules, etc.
  • You will be able to manually move sessions and add new elements: the editor will flag up you if there is a conflict when making any manual changes.
  • You will be able to transfer the timetables to other public and private academic management applications.
  • It offers many different open presentation formats: HTML, PDF, CSV, etc.
  • It generates reports on faculty assignments, compliance with preferences, teaching teams, tutors, sign-in sheets, etc.
GHC Editor

GHC and GHC App  work together to manage your timetable

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