GHC - What is it?

It is a software program to generate school timetables; an effective aid for the complete management of timetables in schools, colleges and universities around the world.

GHC is a software intended for primary schools, high schools, vocational schools, universities and all other academic institutions. Its main goal is to fit the weekly school timetables taking into account all the necessary conditions in each educational institution.

The main feature that sets GHC apart is the calculation engine, which automatically solves any planning problem of teachers, classrooms, subjects, class units, etc. The engine finds a solution and optimizes it trying to fulfil the preferences that have been entered in the programme.


GHC consists of 3 clearly different parts


All the options that needed to make the timetable are entered in this part of the software: availability and preferences of teachers, classrooms, features of the academic sessions, groups, etc.



The engine collects the data entered into the planner and searches automatically for all possible combinations that strictly fulfil the entered data. Once we have a solution, GHC will optimise it in order to adjust the timetable to the rest of optional preferences and their weight.



Each solution created by the engine can be seen through the Editor. It shows a wide range of different views: by teacher, classroom, group, meetings, guards, etc. From the Editor it’s also possible to make adjustments in the timetable with the drag and drop command, and the programme will flag up any conflict. The editor allows to export the timetable to several formats, including PDF, HTML and Excel.


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Funcionalidad GHC
Requisitos GHC

Minimum requirements

GHC is a desktop application for any version of Windows from Vista. From other systems you can also use GHC with a Windows emulator.

GHC does not need great machine functions, although the GHC engine can occasionally make an intensive use of the process resource to fit or optimize the results. If you have a desktop unit with a multi-core processor, you can work with several engines at once without this having an impact on the speed of each of them.

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