Peñalara Software

Peñalara Software provides you with a timetabling software able to efficiently find optimal results even in the most complicated cases.

Our activity is focused on the education sector. We are a team of specialists whose main objective is to help educational institutions. We do this through a school or academic timetable software, which uses a rational working model finding the best results in a particularly efficient way. We also offer other services for managing timetables on a day-to-day basis. We have extensive experience in this field. For more than 25 years we have been supporting many academic institutions all over the world.

Quienes somos Peñalara GHC

Who we arePeñalara Software is an ICT company dedicated to providing services to the education sector.

Innovacion Peñalara GHC

InnovationWe are pioneers in the development of intelligent algorithms that have transformed the academic timetable management model.

Presencia Peñalara GHC

ExperienceFor more than 25 years we have been helping thousands of educational institutions all over the world.

LeadershipWe offer services to create timetables in public and private educational institutions in Spain. We are currently leaders in our country.

Integración Peñalara GHC

IntegrationWe have open interfaces for the exchange of configured data and resolved timetables with any external application.

Tecnología Peñalara GHC

TechnologyWe provide service through innovative solutions using digital technology, in whose application to educational management we are pioneers.

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