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Tax ID number: B40247744

FILE NUMBER: 07/16/SG/0002


TITLE OF THE PROJECT: Development of a timetable generation system for educational institutions

Call for grants from the Agency for Business Innovation, Financing and Internationalisation of Castile and Leon (resolution of the Chairman of the Agency for Business Innovation, Financing and Internationalization of July 4, 2016, BOCYL No. 135 of July 14, 2016)

Peñalara gets a grant from the agency for Business Innovation, Financing and Internationalization of Castile and Leon for the implementation of the project; it is to lay the foundations for creating a new system of management of timetables to enable us to supply educational institutions. The generation of timetables is a headache for the heads of studies and those responsible for this task in schools because there are lot of more conditions and restrictions, and they must be taken into account.

With the experience acquired during all these years, and the feedback of more than 3000 clients, we want to develop an application capable of satisfying all the needs that appear making a timetable. This includes primary, secondary, high school, voactional schools, official language schools, conservatories, private academies, universities... The needs of each of them are different, and also the criteria to take into account to find the solution to your timetable.

In this project, the application is also provided with tools to visualize the solution. Specifically, the solved timetables can be viewed from a web application and from a mobile application. These applications must take into account the user's profile in order to know the information that can be visualized.

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