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The advanced GHC WEB AND MOBILE APP tools are available to GHC Optimum subscribers; they facilitate day-to-day management of timetables and academic life through applications for which accessibility via web and mobile phone provides great operational value.

It offers the following applications:

Online choice of subjects by department

It helps to collect, at the beginning of the academic year, the choice of subjects by the teachers of each department, in addition to other options and preferences. This process is automated around the head of department, which speeds up the collection of data from the head of studies to make the timetables.

The process of collecting preferences will be useful in those educational institutions where the didactic department must distribute among its teachers all the class units they have assigned.

Publication of the school's timetable

You can publish the timetable of your academic institution so that teachers and students can access it, either from a mobile application or from any web browser.

The accessibility provided by GHC WEB AND MOBILE APP will help to keep students and teachers updated on the active timetable in the educational institution throughout the year. Communications can also be facilitated before any change or eventuality that may happen.

The mobile version is available both in Play Store if you use an Android device and in App Store if you use an Apple device.

Management of teacher absences

The management of absences and substitutions requires that a timetable has been previously published on GHC Web. The teacher can request or communicate an absence to the head of studies, or the person responsible through GHC WEB AND MOBILE APP, so that it can be managed quickly. In addition, he or she may organize possible substitutions.

This application provides greater control over teacher absences and substitutions. For example, to select a substitute, the application will report the teachers available at each period, along with certain requirements, such as the number of absences they have already covered in a period and their knowledge of the subject or the students. You can communicate the substitution to be made by a teacher at the same time as it is required.

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