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The challenge of timetables for the next 2020-2021 academic year

The next academic year arrives with the necessity for adapting to mitigate the COVID-19 epidemic. Some guidelines are already known, such as the desirable reduction in the number of students per classroom, or perhaps, avoiding the coincidence in the breaks or in the start and finish times of the educational institution. In any case, in this scenario it will be necessary to achieve timetables that favour social distance and better use of shared spaces and resources.

Peñalara can help you find the best timetable for the next academic year and, if necessary, adapt it to new circumstances. We are at your disposal through the GHC software, answering any questions you may have.

Here are some features of GHC that you may find useful:

Different breaks or starting and finishing times by educational level

Different overlapping frames

Overlapping frames are defined as frames where an interval of one frame coincides with two intervals of another frame. GHC allows you to define up to four frames with overlapping intervals.

Intervals with a fractional duration

GHC allows the definition of intervals with a typified fractional duration: whole (1), three-quarter (¾) or half interval (½). Class units can be defined with the corresponding duration.

Different timetables for each day

GHC allows you to define different timetables for each day of the week. For example, some days you could define two intervals followed by three quarters and others, a whole interval followed by a half hour interval.

Better use of rooms

Avoid changing classrooms

You can configure the class units in a fixed classroom necessarily, so that each group has its own classroom, and for those subjects that require a specific classroom you can also use a specific classroom even if it is shared with other groups. The optimizer has a criterion to prevent groups of students from changing classrooms.

Allow cleaning intervals if a group changes classrooms.

You can express conditions of -non-consecutiveity between all the class units that are taught in the same classroom as long as they imply a change of group of students. To do this, see the properties of the class units with the tab non-consecutive for other class units.

Optimize the use of classrooms

You can group the classrooms to place the class units in a preferred classroom or in a set of alternative classrooms. The powerful GHC engine will find a solution to the configured timetable if it exists and will make it optimal by taking advantage of the use of the classrooms as much as possible.

Semi-presential timetables

Semi-presential timetables on alternate weeks

Classroom or telematic timetables can be established for the students in each group, in alternate weeks or on alternate days, reducing the total number of students in the school by half. Thus, students would attend personally in alternate weeks or on alternate days; Monday, Wednesday and Friday, one week, and Tuesday and Thursday, the next week. On the days that each student studies at home, he or she will be able to follow the lessons live by videoconference, use other material for online teaching, or perform activities proposed by the teachers.

Distributing equally the weekly hours of each subject if it is taught in the classroom on alternate days

To distribute the weekly hours of each subject between the online and face-to-face modalities, the best strategy is to divide the class units in different lines of the class units list and to forbid one or other of the days in the corresponding templates. Thus, for example, if physical education is taught on two weekly days, two different lines would be registered with one class unit, one forbidden Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the other Tuesday and Thursday. In this way, students would have one hour of physical education every week.

Teacher's timetable compaction

Optimization of timetables

The powerful GHC engine is extremely effective in optimizing timetables, for example, by compacting teacher's timetables. If that is what is needed, unoccupied intervals in the teachers' timetable will be avoided, reducing their time at the educational institution. In any case, GHC will allow you to find the best timetable according to the optimisation criteria that you establish.

Quick adaptation to new scenarios

Validate, analyze and debug impossible conditions

We can propose different scenarios according to different hypotheses that allow us, once we know how the reality is going to be, to adapt as quickly as possible to the needs. Peñalara has a powerful debugger for impossible conditions that will allow you to combine, on the one hand, the most demanding timetable conditions and, on the other hand, detect the possible and impossible options.

Different timetables in alternate weeks

Different timetables each week

GHC allows you to define up to six weeks with different timetables. You can set conditions on them so that certain subjects coincide at the same time in the different weeks or that there are subjects that are only taught in one week or another.

Non-attendance management to choose subjects by department

Management of capture of preferences

The capture of preferences tool is part of GHC WEB APP. The process of collecting preferences will be useful in those educational institutions in which each teaching department must distribute all the class units assigned to them among their teachers.

Publish timetables and keep them up to date

Timetable published in GHC WEB AND MOBILE APP

Through GHC WEB APP you will be able to publish your timetables so that students and teachers can access them through a user account. The timetables will also be accessible through GHC MOBILE APP, available for Android and iOS.

Management of teacher absences

Absence management at GHC WEB APP

Requires that a timetable has been previously published on GHC WEB APP. Through this application, teachers will be able to communicate an absence request and absences of teachers and substitute teachers can be managed.

Communication about the daily timetable

Messaging management in GHC WEB AND MOBILE APP

The management of messaging through GHC WEB AND MOBILE APP will allow students and teachers to communicate easily in the context of the timetable, as well as with the school management.

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