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C/ Ceuta, s/n

08032 Barcelona

Some data

Education levels: Pres-School, Elementary, Secondary and High
Groups: 40
Teachers: 78
Students: 1275
Buildings: 4
Classrooms: 76
Integrations: Clickedu and Office365
Platform: AZURE


Peñalara-GHC, essential tool to make the timetables of the centre.


Because of our innovative disposition, we have been using for 27 years different software to create timetables, and we were relatively satisfied with them before knowing Peñalara.

When someone recommended us Peñalara, we were extremely reluctant to change the software. The possibility of transferring information directly with our platform, Clickedu, encouraged us to consider the change.

A new software implies time and a great adaptation effort. Furthermore, the timetabling process that we do in July coincides with a period where we are especially tired and thinking on holidays.

The truth is that, after the initial effort, we were happy to confirm the power and efficacy of the GHC engine. We have worked with four different software before and we have never seen such a powerful processor.

We have recommended Peñalara to many management teams from other educational centres in Catalonia. The software is very effective and, once introduced the data, it solves complex timetables in a very short time.

Although the introduction of data is the longest process, these data can be recovered from the previous academic year and you only need to modify them. A warning message points out possible errors.

The great thing about Peñalara is the customer support via mail or phone. Any doubts or problems that may arise during the process will be solved with kindness and efficiency. We have been with Peñalara for 5 years, and we think that it is a software that meets our needs. It tailors and improves to meet our expectations and challenges.

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