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Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociología


Campus de Somosaguas S/N

28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

Some data

Teachers: 320
Buildings: 1
Classrooms: 50


Peñalara-GHC, essential tool to make the timetables of the centre.


Before using GHC, timetables were done manually by a public meeting where teachers chose their timetables according to their category and seniority in office.

This method allowed part of the teachers with the highest category and seniority to obtain the "best" timetables, while the new teaching staff found difficulties to obtain an agreed timetable. This situation caused that, although timetables were carried out in an agile way, the subsequent changes were constant throughout the academic year because of the changes of teachers, classrooms, etc. Finally, this way of elaborating the timetables was inefficient.

GHC solved this problem by allowing to connect the totality of hourly preferences of all the teachers of the centre. In this sense, the IT solution extends the possibilities of optimization and harmonization of the timetable of a much larger set of teachers. This software also allows to take into account the specific regulations for the allocation of timetables, such as the category and seniority of the staff, and the incompatibilities of timetables and spaces that different timetables require (subjects of two degrees, teachers who share subjects, etc.) In this respect, the use of the GHC gives results compatible with the needs of a greater part of the teaching staff.

Moreover, the use of the Editor to modify, reassign and evaluate the resulting timetables allows an extremely agile use when making later modifications. This aspect is essential for our centre; it visualizes the conflicts that occur when changing something in the timetable.

In short, the use of GHC helps you to find more harmonized timetables, in compliance with the regulations and requirements of a very significant part of the teaching staff.

In my opinion, the programme is strong; in years of experience has hardly had any malfunction. It is very efficient in terms of the resources it needs to run. In addition, it provides us with the functionality of optimizing timetables in accordance with teacher preferences besides to the spaces and regulatory requirements, making it a very useful tool for this task.
The opinion that I have about the company is very positive. They always have answered the doubts. They have implemented the technical requirements, proposals of improvement or introduction of new functionalities in the product with professionalism. They have been transparent regarding the deadlines, possibilities and future developments.

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