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centro de formación


Barrio San Juan, 10

48550 Muskiz (Vizcaya)

Some data

Education levels: Secondary Education (GCSE), Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Higher Education (HNC).
Groups: 58
Teachers: 159
Students: 1907
Buildings: 5
Classrooms: 140
Integrations: DAE and Office365
Platform AZURE


Peñalara-GHC, essential tool to make the timetables of the centre.


Before they have GHC, meetings of people responsible for Secondary Education (GCSE), Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Higher Education (HNC) timetables were frequent and long. Tables covered with timetables of groups and teachers, deletions on timetables to reorganize them, problems with incompatibilities that appear when it seems that everything has ended... Every year the fulfilment of the timetable became a headache.

The difficulty is increased by the existence of teachers who teach lessons in different courses, and several groups share some spaces, so that the timetables of the different groups are not independent of each other. In addition to suit the timetable of groups, teachers and classrooms, it was necessary to respect a number of restrictions, such as the number of hours a teacher could stay in the centre weekly and daily, the number of academic sessions he or she could teach in a day, respect that the teacher had a free hour to eat, etc.

GHC allows you to automate this task, and delegate to the program the difficulty of finding a solution. Once people responsible have specified the conditions that timetable must respect, the engine of GHC will be the one that shows solutions. In addition to being sure that these solutions are valid, you can make changes from the editor, indicating if the change is possible or what sessions prevent that modification. GHC takes into account that centres can be very big, and it allows several users to work in parallel in the insertion of data and conditions, and then all of them merge into a single file.

GHC allows the exchange with DAE (Academic Manager from País Vasco); therefore, the import and export of the data enables the people responsible of the timetables to save a great amount of time. It also allows to obtain different print modes and even the export of timetables to Outlook365 calendars; this way each teacher can have a calendar with their lessons, and set up their own alarms. Students can also access to their group's timetable and have their timetable in their calendar manager.
"All teachers should have the task of making timetables. That way, they would understand the complexity it has." Andoni González, head teacher of Centro de Formación Somorrostro, has had to deal many times to the headache that involves making the timetables of a centre and even more, a centre as the Centro de Formación Somorrostro, in Muskiz (Vizcaya).

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