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C/ El Resbalón, s/n

33420 Lugones (Asturias)

Some data

Education levels: Elementary and Secondary Education (GCSE).
Groups: 19
Teachers: 32
Students: 360
Buildings: 1
Classrooms: 22


Peñalara-GHC, essential tool to make the timetables of the centre.


Before using GHC, the timetables were done manually, with a pencil and a rubber, using empty tables with the timetables of teachers and groups.

GHC began being used concurring with a change of Head of Studies. The study of the needs of the centre was done for the existing groups with the teachers of the staff.

Due to the particular circumstances of the centre, the first time we used the software was difficult (there were several people who were working part-time and there were many limitations: coordinations of English teachers among others). Once we were able to allocate the time slots to teachers and groups with your help, the software gave us a timetable. It was minimally modified manually.

Among the most useful things, is not only the fact that GHC fit the teachers’ timetable but also that it transfers data to SAUCE.

The product is very useful; it fulfils very well the function for which it was created.

I would like to comment that it was difficult at first to understand how data was entered into the software. Previously I had downloaded all the documents, printed them and read them. I also downloaded and watched all the videos.

The customer service could not have been more complete; I remember in particular two days of September, during which one of its employees helped us until the software generate a timetable.

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