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comunidad de aprendizaje


C/ Las nieves 15

40003 Segovia

Some data

Education levels: Pre-School and Elementary Education
Groups: 18
Teachers: 29
Students: 302
Buildings: 5
Classrooms: 30
Integrations: IES2000 and Office365
Platform: AZURE


Peñalara-GHC, essential tool to make the timetables of the centre.


The work of making timetables has always been, for the Head of Studies, a difficult task. Sheets, papers, quadrants, symbols and bin next to us. When everything seemed to be “balanced”, someone is missing, there are not available classrooms…  Many hours and headaches.

During the first week, the timetables are tested and it is desired that there are not students without a teacher, nor classrooms with the same teacher at the same time... An adventure!

The timetables are the organizational engine of a Centre; the proper functioning of the centre, the well-being of students and teachers, the quality of the Teaching – Learning process, the optimization of spaces and resources, etc. depend on them.

Although our centre is a Pre-School and Elementary School centre, and, therefore, there is no problem of electives as in other Teachings; we work with divisions in English lessons, which means two teachers at the same time in different classrooms with students of the same class.

From the transformation of our centre into Community of Learning we work with Interactive Groups, we have to match in the timetable all the teachers who teach Instrumental Subjects (Language and Mathematics) one day a week, in all classrooms of an Inter-level (from 1º to 3º and from 4º to 6º of Elementary School) without it being in accordance to the timetables of the specialist teachers.

To give answer to these two aspects, there is no doubt that GHC has a simple, practical and visual tool to fix positions in the timetable, optimizing the results depending on the prefixed ones.

GHC is a tool, relatively simple, with infinite possibilities that allows to create timetables quickly and efficiently.

You can correct an option at any time, and generate a new timetable in a short space of time.

It allows to visualise in a clear and fast way the distribution of hours of teachers, subjects, guards, the occupation of the classrooms, etc.

It enables you to use different formats in the presentation of timetables by selecting the preferred option.

On the other hand, the company is always available at customer's disposal, both to resolve doubts, and to provide options, etc. Finally, the Head of Studies is not alone facing danger!

It is very helpful to save time and effort and to optimize the organization of centres.

From here, we want to thank the company staff for their attention and the facilities they always provide us. As some would say... "What a great invention".

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