Peñalara has participated in the Master in Management of Catholic Educational Institutions organized by CEU San Pablo University and Educatio Servanda Foundation, where we gave a training session on the development of timetables in these schools.

During the training we covered the basic concepts of the timetable generator and its differences with an academic manager, the importance of a good timetable and why you need this tool. In addition, we looked at how to generate timetables with GHC and manage the day-to-day with the help of GHC App.

In order to collaborate in the learning of the tool, a license was given to each student to carry out the practical exercise, so that they could apply what they had learned in real time. Our main objective was for the participants to understand the benefits of the timetable generator and to be able to apply them in their schools.

We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this master and to share our experience with the participants. We hope to be able to continue contributing to training activities on school management.

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