GHC 2013 has been published with a complete change of image. In our desire to be an effective aid for users of GHC, we had made the effort to be closer to them with a new image that tends to "break" with the past and launch us to the future full of energy and creativity (that's why the orange color prevails on the webpage) but also the balance and simplicity proposed from the circle and the typography of the new logo.

Full of light, dynamism and greater interaction, our website presents a live program that grows and improves each year to be the best solution to manage academic timetables. The new version GHC 2013 has reviewed and updated the exchange processes with different academic managers, it has added new configuration data options, it has increased the speed of the engine by 100% in complex timetables and by 40% when optimizing . Following the request of the centers, it has incorporated a module that manages the daily control of absences and substitutions of teachers from the editor.

The trust of our users, who are more than 2,500, motivates us to move forward.

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