A few days ago, the newspaper El Día de Segovia published an article to make known what we do in Peñalara.

In the article we can read information such as:

"It's been 25 years since this endless adventure began ... Elaborating the timetables involved combining a broad catalogue of interests. , explains."

"...it is used, for example, in all the high schools of the Community of Madrid, in 281 of the Valencian Community and in 138 of Castile and Leon. "

We want to thank the newspaper El Día de Segovia for its work.

If you wish, you can read the full article at the following link: http://www.eldiasegovia.es/noticia/Z6839677A-DF25-7086-E22CDE507780B5B5/Penalara-es-un-algoritmo


Luis Gallego y Ángel Luis Llorente posando con la aplicación en las oficinas

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