Download GHC

Download the latest version of GHC by clicking on the link below.


To activate GHC you will need to enter your user credentials.

To obtain them, you can request them from here or fill out a form in GHC, once installed.


When entering your credentials at the GHC:

  • If you are not subscribed, it will directly activate GHC in DEMO mode.
  • If you are subscribed, the program will be activated for the number of teachers in your subscription.


By entering your credentials on this website:

You can enter your private area to request a subscription and manage it. A GHC subscription is offered at different prices, depending on the capacity you need.

Alternatively, you will be able to subscribe to GHC Lite for free.

Any updates that you make to your subscription will be reflected in your private area and in the program that runs with your credentials.

Operating systems

This program is compatible with any version of Windows, starting with Windows 7.

It can work on the rest of systems (Linux, Macintosh, etc.) via Windows emulators.